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The Big Bottom Podcast Episode 2

Please go to The Bass Hang’s Patreon Page to help support us. The Big Bottom Crew, Steve Araujo, Jon Moody and Tony Puleo are joined by Devon Smullen and Charley Sabatino to talk bass and the current quarantine situation. Devon Smullen is a fantastic luthier and Charley Sabatino is a very sought after educator.

Steve Araujo’s Favorite Anthony Jackson

Please go to The Bass Hang’s Patreon Page to help support us. Welcome to the Quarentine Wood Shed at The Bass Hang!! Since we are all on lockdown I decided to revisit one of my biggest influences on bass and two basslines that changed the way I approach the instrument. Anthony Jackson’s “bass compositions” […]

USA G&L M-2500 Fretless Bass Demo

Support The Bass Hang: Here is a completely impromptu video of this killer USA G&L M-2500 Fretless bass!! I wasn’t even going to do a video today but figured we all need distractions at this moment and what better way than to nerd out and play some bass!!! This is a completely stock USA […]

Bergantino HG 312

Support The Bass Hang: Hey everyone!! Hope all are staying safe in these trying times. Here is a quick demo video of the fantastic Bergantino HG312 Cabinet. I used the Bergantino Forte HP amplifier completely flat and Mic’d the HG312 cab with a Sennheiser e906 Dynamic Mic about 4″ off axis, into an A-Designs […]

Devon J5 Modern Bass with Nordstrand Ele...

Support The Bass Hang: EDIT: THE BRIDGE PICKUPS ARE 2 SINGLE COIL J5 PICKUPS ADHERED TOGETHER, NOT HUM-CANCELING. Here’s a quick demo of my Devon Modern J5 bass. It was recently updated by Devon. I had all new Nordstrand electronics installed to bring it up to current Devon bass specs. The bass features a […]