Support The Bass Hang: Here is a completely impromptu video of this killer USA G&L M-2500 Fretless bass!! I wasn’t even going to do a video today but figured we all need distractions at this moment and what better way than to nerd out and play some bass!!! This is a completely stock USA G&L M-2500 Fretless bass, ebony unlined fretless fingerboard, maple neck, and a swamp ash body, it is strung up with D’addario XL Nickel strings. For the recording I used the Bergantino Forte HP amplifier completely flat and Mic’d the HG312 cab with a Sennheiser e906 Dynamic Mic about 4″ off axis, into an A-Designs Ventura Mic Pre and then Universal Audio 2-1176 into Logic Audio and Tsunami Cables for all connections. Take care out there!!!!