The Boostmate by Tonecraft is a handy little box that turns your Tube Direct Box into a Tube Microphone Preamp by allowing your DI to accept a microphone input.
I used a Sennheiser 421 Dynamic Microphone to mic my Form Factor 1B12L bass cabinet.

First you will hear the Sennheiser 421 plugged directly into the Apogee Duet, then the Sennheiser 421 plugged straight into the Tonecraft Boostmate and the A-Designs REDDI. I did this so you could compare the two signals. Everything went straight to Logic Audio.

I used a Marco 5 string TFL bass and my trusty late 60’s Fender Precision both strung with DR Strings.

This is a very quick demo video, there is a more thorough video in the works.

Go to for more information on this versatile little box.