Tonecraft Audio 363 Demo
I was very excited when I was approached by Tonecraft Audio to demo and review their 363 Tube Direct Box/Preamp.
For this demo I used my Marco TFL 5, which is a very modern and hi-fi sounding Jazz bass with round wound strings, and I also used my La Bella Olinto P Bass, which basically is one of the closest versions of a 1963 Precision you will ever find with flat wound strings. I wanted to show off the 363’s versatility by using many different basses.
Please follow the link in the video to watch and hear the Upright/Double Bass demo also.
I have been using the 363 on gigs and recordings for the past few weeks and it is incredible, it is a super fast and clean Tube DI that can be set to give you deep warm time saturation also.
It is an extremely powerful DI that also will double as a Preamp, just take the 1/4″ Aux out from the back and go into a power amp and you have one of the best sounding Tube Preamps around.

Tonecraft Audio 363 Double Bass Demo
The Tonecraft Audio 363 is an excellent Direct Box and Preamp for double bass. The Tonecraft Audio’s input has been specially designed to accommodate the impedance of piezo pickups which usually which usually results in a very thin sound that has to be fixed with EQ. As you can hear, the direct and flat sound doesn’t take anything away from the tone of my upright bass and Underwood pickup.
All playing examples were recorded direct through my Apogee Duet and straight into Logic Audio with clean bounces, no eq or plug ins, just the tone of the 363.