In this video I discuss the importance of sending the correct amount of signal from your bass to whatever you’re plugging into. Whether it is you amp, a DI, a recording console, a Channel Strip, a snake to a mixing board, your best bet is to turn your basses volume all of the way up.
I am playing the bass through my Trickfish Bullhead 1k amp and a Form Factor 1B12L bass cabinet. The bass is my Marco TFL 4 string and it is strung up with DR Strings.
There are some specifics I did’t cover, such as, EQ, active preamp, and other tone shaping devices that a bass can have on board, but this video is a very basic primer on why it is important to send the right amount of signal to whatever your bass is being plugging into.
Next time we will focus on setting the Gain correctly, from bass amps to recording interfaces.