Please go to The Bass Hang’s Patreon Page to help support us. Welcome to the Quarentine Wood Shed at The Bass Hang!! Since we are all on lockdown I decided to revisit one of my biggest influences on bass and two basslines that changed the way I approach the instrument. Anthony Jackson’s “bass compositions” on “Clouds” and “Move Me No Mountain” from Chaka Khan’s “Naughty” album made me reevaluate the way I play!!! Please check out the complete recordings and check out to download the transcriptions that are in standard notation…BTW…..TAB/Tablature IS NOT READING MUSIC…maybe now would be a great time to practice and learn how to read notation, don’t ya think? Stay safe out there!! I used my Wilkins Road Tested WRTPJ5 loaded with Nordstrand pickups. It is strung up with DR Hi Beams. I recorded direct through my A-Designs REDDI into Logic Audio.