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USA G&L SB-2 with Roasted (Torrefied) Ne

Support The Bass Hang: Here is a quick video demo of a killer US G&L SB-2 bass with an all roasted, torrefied, maple neck and fretboard and non-roasted Swamp Ash body. The bass is strung up with GHS Super Steel strings and was recorded Direct through my A-Designs Audio REDDI into my Universal Audio […]

G&L CLF Research L-2500 Bass Demo Review

Support The Bass Hang: Happy 2020!!! Here’s a sneak peek at the soon to be released G&L CLF Research L-2500. This is quickly becoming one of my main 5 string basses. This bass features an Ash body, Ebony fretboard with a Maple neck. The electronics are the usual G&L Try-Tone preamp setup but I […]

Low End Jazz Bass 5-LEJ5 Demo Review

Support The Bass Hang: Here’s a long overdue demo of my incredible Low End Jazz Bass 5 aka LEJ5. This is one of my favorite all time Basses in terms of build quality and tone. Fantastic instruments. This LEJ5 features and alder body, maple 3-piece bound neck, rosewood fretboard with block inlays, Ulyate Tic […]