These are video produced by me for G&L and their newest series Live! At Leo’s! I’m super happy and proud to be a part of this historic and iconic company. Leo’s presence is definitely still here!! I feel as if he’s still making sure all is being produced the way he would want things to be produced, with quality and workmanship that’s second to none. I also feel his friendliness and hospitality whenever I am there.
Very proud to be a part of this great movement!!
Click links below for the videos:
Live! At Leo’s: G&L L-2000
Live! At Leo’s: G&L JB-5
Live! At Leo’s: G&L Kiloton
Live! At Leo’s: G&L Kiloton 5
Live! At Leo’s: G&L LB-100
Live! At Leo’s: SB-2
Live! At Leo’s: CLF L-2000
Live! At Leo’s: CLF L-1000