Here’s a quick sound demo of the new Gallien Krueger PLEX Preamp pedal. This is a Direct Out recording taken from the XLR out of the PLEX into my Apogee Duet and straight into Logic Audio. I used my Colibri JBT 4 Bass. I also used a TC Electronics Looper and created a bassline that incorporates a few styles and went to tweaking knobs and sounds.
As you can hear, the PLEX is very versatile and you can manipulate your tone to your liking. The DI is very clean and noise free, that is a plus if you’re going to be using this pedal as a DI.
Quick note, I did not demonstrate the tuner function, you basically quickly double tap the right footswtich to engage the tuner function, this mutes the XLR Output (in Post EQ Setting) and the 1/4″ output, nice feature for not causing bunch of pops and clicks when going direct or changing instruments.