This is a very special MTD, Michael Tobias Design, 535. This bass was built for and belongs to Carey Nordstrand, Nordstrand Guitars and Pickups. I am only borrowing the bass to make this demo video.

The MTD 535 basses generally come stock with Bartolini Pickups and a 3 Band Bartolini Preamp. Carey wanted to design some drop in replacement pickups for Michael Tobias’ incredible creations. This resulted in the Nordstrand Neo Dual Blade Pickup. It is a direct replacement and work with the stock Bartolini Preamp without any modifications.

Signal path is the 535 into my REDDI DI then into my Apogee Duet, I recorded the playing examples using Logic Audio. My voice was recorded using the new Audio Technica System 10 Wireless Lav Mic system.