Support The Bass Hang: EDIT: THE BRIDGE PICKUPS ARE 2 SINGLE COIL J5 PICKUPS ADHERED TOGETHER, NOT HUM-CANCELING. Here’s a quick demo of my Devon Modern J5 bass. It was recently updated by Devon. I had all new Nordstrand electronics installed to bring it up to current Devon bass specs. The bass features a Solid Swamp Ash body and a 3-piece, 35″ scale, maple neck with maple fingerboard and zero fret. The electronics are a Nordstrand NP5 neck pickup, 2 single coil J5 pickups adhered together in the bridge with a Nordstrand 3b preamp. Switches are, active/passive, front/both/rear coil-bridge pickup. For the recording I had the Neck pickup at 100% for the entire demo and just switched between the different coils of the bridge pickup. The preamp was on but all controls were flat. The bass is strung up with DR Fat Beams and Tsunami Cables were used for all connections. Recorded direct through my A-Designs REDDI, Universal Audio 2-1176, UA Apollo into Logic.