Here’s the complete demo and review video featuring the Colibrí Guitars and Basses Mexico Gedovius Fretless Singlecut bass and two sets of Tapewound style strings. I record, play and compare the Rotosound Tru Bass Black Nylon strings and the La Bella White Nylon Tapewound strings. Like I mention in the video, the bass came stock with the heavier gauge Rotosounds, so when I change to the lighter La Bella’s I had to raise the action a bit with a piece of Card Stock, it sounds great, but with a proper set up for the new strings or a heavier set of La Bella’s, it wound sound even better.
The playing demos were recorded direct though my A-Designs Ventura and Apogee Duet straight into Logic Audio with no Plug Ins, just a clean bounce.

Just received this beautiful Colibri Gedovius Singlecut Fretless bass to review. Did a quick recording going straight into my A-Designs Ventura Channel Strip and straight into Logic audio via my Apogee Duet.
This bass features a Mahogany Chambered Single Cut body and neck, Palo Escrito Top and an Ebony Fretboard. It has a Pieze pickup under the bridge saddle.
This is a great playing and sounding instrument, pardon my playing, I literally JUST received the bass and wanted to document the playing.