Here’s an in depth video review and sound demo of my Killer handmade Roger 5 String Jazz bass made by the incredible Luthier Ray Roger.
The bass has an Ash Body with a Cinnamon Imbuia Top (very rare and expensive), 34″ scale Maple neck and Fretboard, 19mm Bridge Spacing, 1-7/8″ spacing at the Brass nut, Ulyate Single Coil Pickups, Benavente 3 Band 18 volt preamp and weighs in at 10.3 lbs.
I recorded the bass direct through an A-Designs REDDI DI into my Apogee Duet and straight into Logic Audio. The video was recorded with my iPhone 7 at 4k.
This bass also has a fairly new set of DR Pure Blues which I really love.
This is an updated video, originally this bass had completely different electronics and the new pickups and preamp make this bass SING!!!