Super excited to get my hands on this awesome instrument. The Olinto P Bass by La Bella is as close to a real 63′ Fender P Bass as you can get. Master Luthier, Mas Hino, handbuilds these instruments to 63′ P Bass specs, and he nails it.
This bass features a relic Alder body (white over sunburst finish), Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, a Mas Hino Scatterwound P Bass Pickup, Hipshot reverse tuners, Fender aged bride, and La Bella flat wound strings.
This is a great sounding and playing instrument.
I recorded the playing examples through my A-Designs Ventura and REDDI, and went directly to Logic Audio through my Apogee Duet. The playing examples are clean bounces with no Plug Ins or effects.

I just wanted to have a little groovy fun with my killer Olinto P Bass!! I just set up a drum groove and improvised. This is one of my favorite basses I own.
This bass is strung with La Bella Original 0760M “1954” strings and they are seriously amazing and have Old School TONE for DAYS!! The pickup is a Hand Wound P Bass pickup wound by Mass Hino himself!!!
This bass was hand made by Mas Hino and finished by James Carbonetti.
Olinto audio was recorded through the A-Designs REDDI straight into my Apogee Duet and then to Logic Audio.
The video was shot in 4k with my iPhone.