This is a quick video demo and overview featuring a brand new bass line from Marco Basses. Marco Basses will be offering a less expensive imported TFL bass. The body and neck will be manufactured in Japan, to Marco’s specifications, and then the bass will be assembled here in the USA, in the Marco Bass workshop. The basses will feature Marco’s USA Neodymium Pickups and a 2 band active preamp with bass and treble boost and cut.
I wanted to quickly run through the sounds of this bass, so I recorded with one camera and my Sennheiser MKE room microphone. I also played through my Little Mark LMII head an a Form Factor 210 Neo cabinet.
This bass is killer!! Right out of the box it’s ready for anything. I was expecting the preamp to be brittle and not warm at all and I couldn’t have been more wrong, it’s great and perfect for this bass. Marco’s Neo Pickups are super warm and seem to be complimented nicely by the basses preamp.
I’m looking forward to gigging with this bass and really putting it through it’s paces.