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A-Designs KGB-1TF Instrument Pre Amp/DI

12 Oct

Super excited about this incredible new piece of gear from A-Designs!! It’s an instrument preamp and DI with tone shaping, 3 band EQ. Video and sound demo coming soon. Here are some specs: KGB-1TF Solid State Discrete Instrument Preamp/DI Cinemag Output Transformer 3 band EQ with +/-12db gain: Bass-200hz; Mid-2.5k; Treble-7k Ext 20v AC Transformer

Properly Installing DR Strings

15 Aug

m4s0n501 This is a quick video demonstrating the proper way to install DR Strings. I used my friends 1965 Fender Jazz Bass to demonstrate the installation process. The music at the beginning and the end were recorded using my Marco Jazz bass loaded with DR DDT bass strings. I’m a long time DR Strings user […]

The Weekly 3-Season 3

09 Jul

Welcome to Season 3 of the Weekly 3!! I’m doing something a little different this time, the entire season will be shot and captured using an iPhone 5 and an Apogee MiC96k. I really want to show people that you can produce some high quality videos using some very simple tools. All episodes will be […]

Bass Extracts Website

08 Jun

I just want to give a shout out to my good friend Nicolas Golder’s website BassExtracts.com. Please check it out!!! He’s a killer player that has great taste in gear, and represents some awesome bass equipment!! The Bass Hang definitely approves and recommends all of the gear he offers!!! Check out all of a Bass […]