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Roger 5 String Jazz Bass Sound Demo

Roger 5 String Jazz Bass Sound Demo Here’s a quick sound demo of a killer Roger 5 string Jazz Bass. The bass has an Ash Body with a Cinnamon Imbuia Top (very rare and expensive), 34″ scale Maple neck and Fretboard, 19mm Bridge Spacing, 1-7/8″ spacing at the Brass nut, Nordstrand 70’s wound pickups and […]

A Designs Audio KGB II Bass Demo

I wanted to showcase the A-Designs Audio KGB II Preamp/DI by playing a couple of basses through it. I used my La Bella Olinto P Bass and Colibri JBT J Bass both strung with DR Strings. I went straight into my Apogee Duet with input set at -10 and recording straight to Logic Audio. I […]

Gallien Krueger GK PLEX Preamp Pedal ...

Here’s a quick sound demo of the new Gallien Krueger PLEX Preamp pedal. This is a Direct Out recording taken from the XLR out of the PLEX into my Apogee Duet and straight into Logic Audio. I used my Colibri JBT 4 Bass. I also used a TC Electronics Looper and created a bassline that […]

G&L JB 4 Bass Sound Demo

Here’s a very quick sound demo of a USA G&L JB 4 bass. I haven’t seen any really great demos featuring the JB bass so decided to shoot a quick one featuring the bass in an actual mix and with a couple of different pickup settings. This is a killer Jazz bass that is on […]

Colibri Gedovius Singlecut 5 String F...

Here’s a very quick sound demo with some great close up pictures of this amazing Colibri Gedovius 5 String Fretless bass. Handmade by master luthier Rodrigo Castellanos of Colibri bass and guitars. This bass features a Singlecut Mahogany body and neck, 32″ Scale, highly figured Spalted Maple top, Ziricote bridge and fretless Fingerboard, Hipshot tuners, […]

Form Factor Bi1000 Direct Out Recordi...

Lakland 60’s Jazz Bass Here’s a quick teaser video I shot for Form Factor Audio of the Bi1000’s Direct Out. I used my Lakland 44-60 passive Jazz Bass, strung up with DR DDT Strings, and used the DI Out of the Bi1000 into my Apogee Duet 2 and recorded straight into Logic Audio. The bass […]

G&L JB-5 Sound Demo

G&L JB-5 Video Demo This was a very quick playing demo of me trying out the new G&L JB-5 5 string Jazz bass. This is G&L’s first 5 string jazz style bass and it’s great!! This bass has an alder body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. This bass also has passive Alnico V pickups which […]

Form Factor Bi1000 Unboxing Initial D...

Yes, I know, another Unboxing video!! Well I did my best to make it quick. I shot this with my iPad and Apogee MiC 96k. This is my new Form Factor Bi1000 amp paired with my Form Factor 1B12 Cabinet. All playing examples were recorded close micing my 1B12 cabinet. Also, used my Olinto P […]

Marco TFL P Bass Quick Sound Demo

Here’s a very quick playing demo of a brand new Marco TFL P style bass that is available from The Bass Hang. I quickly go through the different tones available from this kiler P Bass. Recorded with my iPhone 6 and Apogee MiC96k. I’m playing through a Mark Bass LM II and a Form Factor […]

Cheap Basses that Sound Awesome

Cheap Basses That Sound and Play Great I am truly convinced that the instrument doesn’t matter!!! The bass, guitar, saxophone, drums, etc…they don’t play themselves, they are driven by you, an actual human that has emotions, feeling, depression, elation and all of that contributes to how we play and perform on our instrument. I shot […]

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