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G&L SB-2 Overview

G&L Leos Office 11

Here’s a great bass, the G&L SB-2. This bass combines 2 of the most iconic basses into 1 great bass. This bass is all about meat and potatoes, no tone knob or preamp, just one volume knob for each pickup. I recorded the sound examples through an A-Designs KGB-1tf DI/Preamp into my Agogee Duet and […]

A-Designs KGB1-TF Upright Bass Demo


Many firsts for The Bass Hang and Steve Araujo here!! 1) First video edited entirely with Adobe Premiere CC. 2) First video featuring me playing double bass-PRACTICE is needed. 3) Using the KGB as a Double Bass preamp. My signal chain was: Underwood pickup into the A-Designs KGB-1TF, then into my Apogee Duet and into […]

The Bass Hang on LA Talk Radio


Steve Araujo of the Bass Hang and Ron Moreno of Moreno Sales joined Jeff Floro of the Guitar Gear Radio Show on LA Talk Radio Live on the evening of June 29. We geeked out on some amazing bass specific effect pedals, G&L Basses and La Bella strings. Jeff Floro is an amazing host and […]

Mu-Fx Octave Divider by Beigel Sound ...


This is a sound demo and overview for the MU-FX, Beigel Sound Lab, Octave Divider Pedal with Green Ringer. I used my Marco 4 string TFL Jazz bass, A-Designs KGB-1tf preamp/DI straight into my Apogee Duet and recorded to Logic Audio. This is a great pedal. It tracks well. I personally like the Ringer used […]

Tonecraft Audio Boostmate


The Tonecraft Audio Boostmate is a handy little box that turns your Tube Direct Box into a Tube Microphone Preamp by allowing your DI to accept a microphone input. I used a Sennheiser 421 Dynamic Microphone to mic my Form Factor 1B12L bass cabinet. First you will hear the Sennheiser 421 plugged directly into the […]

Nordstrand Dual Blade Pickups For MTD...


This is a very special MTD, Michael Tobias Design, 535. This bass was built for and belongs to Carey Nordstrand, Nordstrand Guitars and Pickups. I am only borrowing the bass to make this demo video. The MTD 535 basses generally come stock with Bartolini Pickups and a 3 Band Bartolini Preamp. Carey wanted to design […]

Bass Geeks Podcast Episode 2

G&L Pup Hardware 2

Click To Hear And Download The Bass Geeks Podcast Episode 2 Hey guys!! Welcome to the Bass Geeks Video Podcast!! Please subscribe to the Bass Hang Podcast feed. This episode features my Bass Hang buddies Howard Ulyate and Doug Koeppen. We play a killer Roger Bass, talk new DR Pure Blues Strings and play some […]

Bass Geeks Podcast Episode 1

A Designs P Bass

Click to Hear And Download The Bass Geeks Podcast Episode 1 Hey guys!! Welcome to the Bass Geeks Video Podcast!! Please subscribe to the Bass Hang Podcast feed. In this Bass Geek episode we go Bass Octave Pedal CRAZY!! We play and demo the Aguilar Octamizer, 3 Leaf Audio Octabvre, MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, and […]

Weekly 3 Season 1 Podcast

G&L Leos Office 11

This is the Podcast, Audio version of The Bass Hangs Weekly 3 series, all episodes. Originally airing in October of 2013. Go to The Bass Hangs YouTube Channel to see the videos. The Bass Hang Weekly 3 Season 1 YouTube Right Click To Download Podcast

Bass Hang Podcast Carey Nordstrand Pa...

Nordstrand Sign

This is Part 2 of the Carey Nordstrand podcast. Enjoy!! Right Click To Download