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A Designs Ventura and MXL V67 Mic

21 Jan

For this video I feature the A Designs Venturas Microphone Preamp section. I used an MXL V67 Microphone, micing a Form Factor Audio 1-12 Cabinet and recorded straight to Logic Audio via my Apogee Duet. I used my 1973 Fender Jazz Bass strung up with DR Strings. The first example was with the EQ section […]

Nordy vJ5 Alnico 3 Pickups

14 Jan

Carey Nordstrand of Nordstrand Guitars and Pickups swapped out my Alnico 5 pickups for some new Alnico 3 pickups in my 70’s Nordy vJ5. He is debuting them at the 2015 Winter NAMM show and wanted me to try them out in my bass on gigs and on some recordings!! So far they’re awesome!! Super […]

1973 Fender Jazz Bass

02 Jan

Just received this incredible 1973 Fender Jazz bass yesterday. It hadn’t been played in over 25 years. It also has Rotosound strings that are over 25 years old. The only modifications to the bass are a Bad Ass bridge that has been on the bass since the 70’s, and a string tree added between the […]

3 Leaf Audio Octabvre

20 Dec

Recently scored this killer octave pedal from 3 Leaf Audio and decided to shoot a quick video to practice shooting video with my DSLR. I used my 60’s P Bass, Mark Bass LMII head and Form Factor 1B12L cabinet. Shot with Canon t3i, 50mm f/1.8 lens and Sennheiser MKE400 mic.

A Designs KGB-ITF Overview

13 Dec

Super excited about this incredible new piece of gear from A-Designs!! It’s a Solid State instrument preamp and DI with tone shaping, 3 band EQ. Played my Squire VM Jazz V strung with DR Legend Flatwound strings, and my 60’s P-Bass strung with DR High Beams, recorded through my Apogee Duet straight into Logic Audio. […]