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Form Factor Bi1000 Direct Out Recordi...


Lakland 60’s Jazz Bass Here’s a quick teaser video I shot for Form Factor Audio of the Bi1000’s Direct Out. I used my Lakland 44-60 passive Jazz Bass, strung up with DR DDT Strings, and used the DI Out of the Bi1000 into my Apogee Duet 2 and recorded straight into Logic Audio. The bass […]

G&L JB-5 Sound Demo

JB5 Fingers Body

G&L JB-5 Video Demo This was a very quick playing demo of me trying out the new G&L JB-5 5 string Jazz bass. This is G&L’s first 5 string jazz style bass and it’s great!! This bass has an alder body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. This bass also has passive Alnico V pickups which […]

Form Factor Bi1000 Unboxing Initial D...


Yes, I know, another Unboxing video!! Well I did my best to make it quick. I shot this with my iPad and Apogee MiC 96k. This is my new Form Factor Bi1000 amp paired with my Form Factor 1B12 Cabinet. All playing examples were recorded close micing my 1B12 cabinet. Also, used my Olinto P […]

Marco TFL P Bass Quick Sound Demo

TFL P Front

Here’s a very quick playing demo of a brand new Marco TFL P style bass that is available from The Bass Hang. I quickly go through the different tones available from this kiler P Bass. Recorded with my iPhone 6 and Apogee MiC96k. I’m playing through a Mark Bass LM II and a Form Factor […]

Cheap Basses that Sound Awesome

Photo Jul 13, 1 42 30 PM

Cheap Basses That Sound and Play Great I am truly convinced that the instrument doesn’t matter!!! The bass, guitar, saxophone, drums, etc…they don’t play themselves, they are driven by you, an actual human that has emotions, feeling, depression, elation and all of that contributes to how we play and perform on our instrument. I shot […]

The Bass Hang Pop Up Shop

BassHangPodcast Avatar

The next Bass Hang Pop Up Shop will be open on Saturday July 16th from 11am-3pm. This is Orange County’s ONLY BASS-CENTRIC store and shop. Location: 18271 W. McDurmott Suite B, Irvine, CA 92614 PLEASE use the BACK Entrance. I will have a sign or two directing people where to go. Come down and say […]

Tonecraft Audio 363 and Ulyate 50R...


Here’s a sound demo of the Howard Ulyate VP 5 Split Coil pickup and Tonecraft 363 Tube Direct Box/PreAmp. I wanted to show how the Ulyate pickup and Tonecraft DI allows the bass to sit really well in a mix. This was recorded direct through the Tonecraft Audio 363 Tube DI, straight into Logic Audio […]

La Bella White Nylon Strings Review

Photo May 17, 9 32 59 AM

Here’s a sound demo review of the La Bella White Nylon Tapewound strings on my Wilkins Road Tested WRTPJ4 bass loaded with Ulyate Pickups. I really like these strings and will be pitting them on a fretless bass, for me, that seems to be the best application. These strings are incredibly punchy for being non-steel […]

Colibri Gedovius Fretless Bass

Photo May 06, 4 26 25 PM

Here’s the complete demo and review video featuring the Colibrí Guitars and Basses Gedovius Fretless Singlecut bass and two sets of Tapewound style strings. I record, play and compare the Rotosound Tru Bass Black Nylon strings and the La Bella White Nylon Tapewound strings. Like I mention in the video, the bass came stock with […]

What is The Bass Hang?

Photo Apr 10, 3 55 47 PM

The Bass Hang serves up several ways for you to learn about and experience all things related to delivering the low end on an electric or acoustic bass. Let me explain. The Bass Hang is a Web site where bass players, musicians, and anyone else can hang out to learn about bass guitars, upright basses, […]

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